All About Big, Bold Brows

So brows have been all the rage in beauty for the last two or so years, so I decided to write a post dedicated solely to brows. I’m going to be sharing some of my go to products and tips when it comes to having natural yet bold and flawless brows. Always use your face shape as a guide to shaping your eyebrows. Because everyone’s face is different, everyone’s brow needs are going to be different. And the brow shape best suited for you is completely different from everyone else.

Tips and Trips to your Best Brow

  1. Don’t overpluck or over wax. The biggest mistake you can make in my opinion is over plucking your brows and risking that they never grow back. You want to follow the natural shape and arch of your brow. I am no where near being a professional, but I do my brows myself and have had years of practice including a few major brow mistakes.
  2. Less is more when it comes to product. You dont want your brows to look like you drew them on with sharpie. I always air on the side of caution and use minimal product.
  3. Don’t be afraid to let them grow out. If you desire a bigger and bolder brow, it might take a few months of patience to let the pesky things grow out. When growing out your brows, only pluck stray hairs that are way far from the rest of your brow.
  4. Shape from the Bottom If you’re doing your brows yourself, you want to avoid doing too much to the top and focus on just getting the stray hairs at the bottom. If you want to remove excess hair from the top, be cautious to not removing too much. If you want to cut your own brows, comb the hair in an upward motion with a spoolie and trim a very small amount, which will lead your brows to not be as thick and overwhelming.

My Favorite Brow Products

  1. Clear Brow Gel If you just want to keep the hairs in place without adding color or shape. Tame and define brows with wet n wild megaclear brow and lashmascara. Another great thing aboutthis product is that you can get it for less than $2 and it does a great job atkeeping brow hairs in place. It’s available anywhere that wet n wild cosmetics is sold.

    brow gel
    Purchase Link
  2. Tinted Brow Gel. To stay on the morenatural sidebut add a little bit of color and more definition, try a tinted brow gel. It holds the hairs in place while making them look more refined. My favorite is one from essence cosmetics called the make me brow eyebrow gel mascara. I get it at target for less than $3.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 4.25.20 PM
    Click Here to Purchase
  3. Eyebrow Pencil. An eyebrow pencil is probably my go to eyebrow look. It allows me to define and enhance my brows while keeping them looking natural. I feel like the pencil gives the most control and you are able to fill in your eyebrows as much or little as you want. My favorite pencil at the moment is the brow definer pencil by bbrowbar. I was sent this product in a birchbox, but you can purchase the full size for $25. IF you want to stay on a lower price end, then you should try the NYX professional makeup microbrow pencil for $10.

    brow pencil
    Purchase Here
  4. Eyebrow Pomade. For the most dramatic and filled in look, try a brow pomade. I use pomades to fill in and sculpt my brows when I want to go for a more dramatic and nighttime makeup look. In my opinion, pomades take the most amount of work because I apply pomade, spoolie through, and then apply powder over top. A good bang for your buck product is the e.l.f. studio eyebrow kit available at target for less than $5.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 4.31.10 PM
    Purchase Link



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